Africash Token

Road Map Of Africash

Roadmap and Future Developments

Token Presale:

  • Initial Token Offering (ITO):

 Africash will conduct a public token sales tokens to interested participants. It will first begin in February by airdrops and free token direct offering without any payments, creating a broad user base and fair token distribution. After this stage we will make token sale.

• Private sale offer
It will in March 2024.
It will end on 31 March 2024.
• Public sale offer
Start by 1 April 2024 and it will end by 28 May.

  • May – June: Token listing on exchange:

Following the public distribution, Africash will be listed on various reputable exchanges to enable widespread access and trading.

  • developing strategic partnerships, and expanding its network of merchants and service providers to enhance the adoption and utilization of Africash
  • June 2024 : Efforts will be made to foster partnerships with e-commerce platforms and businesses to promote Africash as a preferred payment method.
  • Africash will focus on building a robust and user-friendly digital wallet in September 2024

A User-friendly mobile wallet will be developed, providing individuals with a secure and accessible means to store, send, and receive Africash.

  • Collaboration with governments and central banks in Africa
  • Ecosystem Development: -Ongoing process to incorporate a neobank : Africash Bank in December 2024.This Bank will not only give Fiat currency services to customers but also cryptocurrencies trading. The main crypto will be Africash token.
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